I see him a few times a week. He has big teary eyes. He's not tall and easy to identify, he walks with a noticeable limp. He lives on 14th and U Street. Often, he sleeps in the middle of the day between two pillars next to the M.A. Winter building. Google Street View has a snapshot of him in this exact location. 

He recently changed his clothes. He wears shorts, black sneakers and an oversized shirt, where he carries his long stuffed animal. Sometimes, he stands outside 7-Eleven smoking a cigarette, staring idly. 

I asked him what he wanted to eat. He said "some chicken and a coke". I went inside 7-Eleven to look for the food. He waited outside. He was watching me. He noticed that I was not finding the chicken. He came inside, grabbed a small transparent plastic box with chicken wings, a coke and put it on the counter. He went outside to wait. He opened the door and waited patiently for me to give him the food. He said thank you. 

This time, I finally had the courage to ask him his name. He said "Alex." 

Albums That Leave A Mark

Do you have a particular album or song that remind you of a puntual moment in time? 

Since living in the U.S.,  I had not found an album that could sum up my time spent here so far, until this week. The album that I have been listening to non-stop is Racine Carrée by Stromae, a Belgian singer. I know that years from now, wherever I am, I will remember this album as a time spent in Washington, D.C. trying to get French through my thick skull. 

Here is a list of other albums -in no particular order- that have left a mark. Note that I have a list of very random albums that transport be back to places and moments lived. These don't necessarily represent my favorite current music genres.  

1. Tamally Maak by Amr Diab

2. Exploring the Tributaries by Vibrapshere 

3. Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park 

4.  Tales of the Inexpressible by Shpongle 

5. Enema of the State by blink-182

Of course there any many other albums that I really like but these just never seem to get old. No matter what.